Términos y Condiciones


These Terms and Conditions for delegates apply to any person who registers as an attendee for the events organized by Grupo Milenium S.A.C., both on the platform www.grupomilenium.live All references to a date or deadline, mentioned in these terms and in other conference documents, refer to the Peruvian Standard Time Zone (PET).



Only completed registration forms will be accepted. An email will be sent after the online registration is completed and a payment confirmation will be sent once the payment (in the case of a paid event) has been verified by our system after sending the receipt to informes3@grupomilenium.pe including the participant's personal information. If payment has not been received by the stated deadline, the registration will remain valid, however the fee due will be increased according to the payment period (early / regular / on-site). In order to register with a special modality that means a differential discount on the standard traffic, participants will be asked to present documents that prove their current condition via email.No participant may enter with this condition if they do not meet this requirement, or in its defect may be blocked from the system, if the information provided is not found valid. If the maximum delegate capacity is reached, the conference organizers reserve the right to reject additional entries.


A registration confirmation will be sent by email after the registration department has received / verified the online registration, a related payment and any necessary documents.



1. If you are unable to attend the event, we welcome alternate delegates to attend for you at no additional cost. For security reasons, all substitution requests must be received via email at least 4 weeks before the congress with the complete information as well as in the registration form for both registered delegates and alternates to informes3@grupomilenium.pe.

2. Changes will be effective on the date of written confirmation.

Cancellation policy:

1.In some events, it is possible to cancel your participation (by email), in order to find out which events accept the cancellation of the same, we appreciate writing to informes3@grupomilenium.pe



In the event that the conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the conference organizers (force majeure) or due to events that are not attributable to intent or gross negligence of the conference organizers, the Conference organizers cannot be the delegates responsible for any damages, costs or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, additional order costs, financial losses, etc. In these circumstances, the conference organizers reserve the right to withhold the full registration fee and credit it for a future conference, or reimburse the delegate after deducting costs already incurred for the organization of the conference and that could not be recovered from third parties.


The conference name badge must be worn at all times during the conference. Access to the conference venue will not be allowed without the identification card issued by the conference organizer. If a delegate loses, misplaces, or forgets the ID card, a $ 10 handling fee will be charged for a new ID card. Upon submitting a new name badge, the lost badge will no longer be valid.



Peru is basically a free access country. Most Western European countries and the US do not require a tourist visa to enter Peru, and the maximum length of stay granted by the authorities is 183 days (cannot be extended). For a longer stay with other objectives (business, studies, work, etc.) it is necessary to previously request the corresponding visa from the Peruvian consulates.



It is the sole responsibility of the delegate to have travel medical insurance for the duration of their stay in Peru. This insurance can be obtained from any approved insurer. Individuals should check with the responsible embassy / consulate for a list of approved insurers available in their country. Individuals must have insurance throughout their stay in Peru and are therefore encouraged to insure and pay for the correct number of days.